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Introduction about Vietnam Famous Ca kho

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vietnam braised fish in clay potBeside the special physical and intangible illustrious reputation as 'Royal' Bananas, red seedless,... Vu Dai literary immortal "Chi Pheo - it" or Lao Hac, the hometown of the late writer Nam Cao martyrs to this famous dish soaked with national spirit - "Black Carp baked in clay pot" ... "

1. The famous thousand generations:

Vu Dai Village is not only famous for textile craft that with skilful hands artist, soul exquisite people here have created and circulated to today warehouse Fish and wonderful country soul imbued North Delta Ministry! This unique dish has been honored with prestigious awards program in 2014: "Vietnam Culinary Essence"

Braised fish specialties Vu Dai village, also known as the village of Vu Dai cooked slowly Fish, fish stock Vu Dai village, Henan fish stock, all have the same names on the traditional dish of braised fish Vu Dai village (the name literature - formerly known as the village of Vu Dai), now the village Merciful, Ly Nhan, Ha Nam province. Henan specialty fish stock is one of the traditional fish dishes cooked slowly Fish was popular everywhere around the country and also exported abroad. Braised fish is very special because the fish stock pot should always tastier by the other boilers, solid meat, fish bones soft foam, fish taste very attractive and not the usual smell of fish. Specialties are processed very feats and warehouses in a very long time about 12-15h continuity with traditional spices of the village should have a distinct flavor.

vietnam braised fish in clay pot

It can be confirmed that fish Merciful Village warehouse inventory is the most delicious fish dishes Vietnam. Certainly anyone who has ever tasted this particular fish is 1'll want to enjoy again and again. The food we eat as a child, until now has around Vietnam and abroad to enjoy the many culinary essence of the different regions: the northern cuisine, southern cuisine, culinary Central, Italian cuisine, culinary Singapore, Korean cuisine, culinary Thaislan, Japanese cuisine, Malaysian cuisine, Indian cuisine, Chinese cuisine, Western cuisine .... But last forever remembered as braised fish home to eat forever without getting bored. Because it is: "Essence Vietnam cuisine" - dishes national spirit of the nation.

2. Special Effects

  It is a delicious dish, nutritious, healthy for fish stock Vu Dai fully processed ingredients and natural spices, frugal, low in fat, contain no cholesterol are good for people's health high blood pressure, heart, blood, fatty, or who want to keep fit body, vegans, vegetarians ...

vietnam braised fish in clay pot

3. How to Use

Vu Dai braised fish were feeding people here hundreds of years ago, and today's recipe did not change anything. The way we eat today like they have eaten for thousands of years.

- Do Tet gifts express sincere warmth of the sender to the receiver. Is indispensable dish tray New Year's indigenous people.

- Eat with rice cakes, onion salt, the spring.

- Serve with white rice and boiled vegetables in their daily meals.

- Eat with white soup for breakfast or supper.

- Served with rice noodles with fresh, delicious cake casting.

- Eating fish when cooled, it is possible to normal conditions in the winter, or the refrigerator compartment cool in the summer.

vietnam braised fish in clay pot